Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uplift22?

Uplift22 is an online platform where communities go to connect and build relationships. Businesses or Sponsors that want to market their products & services sponsor campaigns that are then led by Leaders that are looking to raise money for their cause. Community residents then champion campaigns helping the Leader reach their campaign’s financial and amount of Champions goals, while learning about a Sponsor’s product or Services. This type of collaboration creates a win for the Sponsor, a win for the Leader and their cause, and a win for Champions and the community.

What is a Leader?

A Leader can be a nonprofit, animal rescue, PTA, Cancer Foundation, or any person or organization that needs to raise money for a worthy cause. However, rather than asking for direct donations from individuals, they create campaigns that provide a Sponsor with marketing that raises awareness for their product or services, while also promoting their own cause.

How do Leaders get started?

To get started Leaders need to Sign up as a Leader and create a general profile. Once they are ready, they can create a “New Campaign” that will be featured on Uplift22. Here’s where they can share their cause’s story with a video, image, and in written text. Leaders will also need to determine how many Champions they can get to Champion their campaign and how much to charge a sponsor for their efforts.

How do Leaders Market a Campaign?

There are many creative ways to market a campaign, but some of the most common are sharing on social media, featuring it in a newsletter, presenting it to networking groups, calling and texting family & friends, collaborating with other Leaders, producing video that impacts the viewer, and countless other activities.

How do Leaders decide what to charge a Sponsor?

There are many variables that should determine the amount a leader can charge for their campaign marketing efforts. Here are some things to consider. What is the size of your community of supporters? (The more Champions you can get to support your cause, the more you should charge). Will your campaign be featured in an urban or rural area? (Urban is typically more expensive). Is the cause something that will be popular with Champions, or will it only appeal to a small niche group of Champions? How much are similar campaigns able to raise from other Sponsors? Is there a special marketing strategy that you plan on deploying? Having Champions engage with and purchase a product or service from a Sponsor is the absolute best way to ensure future sponsorships.

How do Leaders get sponsored?

First, is your cause worthy of being sponsored? If so, reach out to potential Sponsors and let them know how your cause can help improve the community and how your community of Champions will help them with their business objectives. Ideally, provide a win-win-win scenario for the Sponsor, for your cause, and the Champions that will be supporting your campaign.

What is a Sponsor?

A Sponsor is typically a business, organization, or individual that wants to market a product, service, or event, while positively impacting a community. Sponsors choose to Sponsor campaigns that most align with their brand, prospective customer profile, geographic area, and cause worthiness. Sponsors on Uplift22 agree to pay the amount the Leader is promoting on their campaign page, but only if the full amount of Champions goal is met. If the Champions goal is not met, the Sponsor will only be responsible for paying the proportional amount.

What are the advantages of Sponsoring campaigns on Uplift22?

Campaign Sponsors can now connect and build relationships with Community Leaders and their supporters. A Sponsor’s marketing message is met with gratitude and appreciation, instead of being a distraction and interruption. Campaigns typically have a team of determined Leaders that are deeply invested in its success, which can’t be measured with any traditional marketing tools and standards. If the target goals aren’t met, then Sponsors only pay a proportional amount of the total. Data is available after each campaign.

What is a Champion?

Champions are people that learn about causes, share campaigns to help them reach their goals, and acknowledge and support Sponsors.  By signing up, you can help causes raise money, simply by clicking the Champion button on their campaign page.  Every time you Champion a campaign it helps build up your community.  It's like making a donation without out your wallet, unless you want you.

When you sign up, your email information is not shared with anyone?

You will only receive occasional emails from Uplift22.